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Pros and cons of wearing braids

by Brooklyn Hair 15 Sep 2020

Pros and cons of wearing braids

Just like with any style, the art of braiding also has its advantages as well as its drawbacks. See chart down below for a few pros and cons of getting your hair braided.


Pros Cons
Low maintenance – the best thing about getting braids is that you practically won’t have comb your hair for a long time. This is simply because when your hair is braided, there is really no need to comb your hair on a daily basis. Installation – a major drawback of getting braids is how long they take to get installed. For example, in order to get long box braids or twists, this process will take anywhere from 3-6 hours depending on a variety of factors.
Long lasting – Depending on the style selected, braiding makes it easy for you to wear a hairstyle for a long period of time. Therefore, with proper care you could rock your braided style for as long as you see the need to. Removal – just like the installation, the removal process of many braided styles is often a major drawback for many people, often taking anywhere from 1-3 hours or more depending on the style that was done.
Protective style - for many people, braiding acts as a shield that helps to protect their hair from harsh elements. This protective trait is an important element which helps your hair to grow healthily. Price – due to the length of time it takes to get your hair braided, the cost is often quite expensive for many people. Therefore, keep in mind that the biggest factors that will determine the price are the length and size of your desired style.
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