Do braids help my hair to grow?

Do braids help my hair to grow

The good thing about braiding is that it provides for you a very fixed hair routine. This simply means that while wearing braids, you won’t have to comb your natural hair for an extended period of time.

This is beneficial for your natural hair since braiding helps to keep your hair away from friction, over combing and over brushing that might have otherwise caused your hair to break off.

Thus, braids might be the right choice for you if you are trying to maintain a healthy scalp or trying to regrow your natural hair. Though there isn’t much research to back this idea, it is still a good idea to get your braided from time to time.
How to help your hair grow with braids:

  • Prepping your hair prior to installation. Ensure that your hair is properly wash before getting your desired style.
  • Maintaining a routine. When you get braids installed, you should always be sure not to forget about protecting and caring for your natural hair. Therefore, you should be sure to tie your hair down before bed.
  • Oiling your scalp. Keeping your hair moisturized is the key to keeping your hair healthy and thriving underneath your braids. 
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