How much hair should you buy for braiding?

How much hair should you buy for braiding

There is simply no wrong or right answer for this question. This is because everyone’s hair needs are different and everyone will have their own personal preferences when it comes to braiding.

For example, some people really love when their hair is very thick, full and dense, while on the other hand, many other people like it when their hair is very lightweight, flat and manageable.

With this in mind, there is also two other key factors to consider when it comes to determining how much braiding hair you will need for your desired style.

The package content – some braiding hair companies often fill their products with a lot of hair, while others might only supply a limited amount per packaging.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wise to advise someone to get, for example, 3 packs of braiding hair without being certain that the content amount is the right amount needed. 

This goes without saying that most times determining the right amount of braiding hair needed will come down to a reasonable estimation.

The style chosen – like with everything regarding braids, the length and size used is of utmost importance when determining the quantity of braiding hair needed.

The length of the style you desire will play a big factor since a short style will undoubtedly require you to get less hair when compared to a long-braided style which will require more hair to complete the desired style. 

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