Perfect Hairstyles for Spring

Perfect Hairstyles for Spring

It’s March and you know what that means. The season is changing, and the weather will be getting warmer soon. There are so many trending hairstyles now that are perfect for warmer weather. Let Brooklyn Hair help you pick out your next look with a few of these ideas!
Springtime Looks:

1. Braids in the front and bundles in the back
Our first look is braids in the front and bundles in the back. This style can be achieved with 2-3 bundles depending on the length and the style. For example, if you do 18-inch curly hair, you can get a full look with 2 bundles. Whereas, if you did 26-inch straight hair, you may need 3 bundles to make it look fuller. This style is very trendy and looks good on everyone!

2. Bone Straight, Middle Part, and Jet black
This is almost every girl’s favorite hairstyle and is so easy to achieve. It can go with any event whether it is a job interview or a night out. You can choose any length of straight hair and dye it jet black using a box dye or any dye of your choice. It can also be done using the watercolor method which saves a lot of time, or it can be painted on bundle by bundle, either option will get the job done.

3. Blunt or Asymmetrical Bob
A bob hairstyle is also a trendy style that is recommended for warmer weather. It is easy to maintain and keeps you cool even when it's hot out. All you need for this look is 2 bundles and a frontal, closure, or leave out. If you are trying to preserve your hair from heat damage it is recommended that you use a frontal or closure. You can use two 12” bundles or two 14” bundles depending on how long you would like your bob to be.

With these three hairstyle ideas you will be set to look good and be comfortable as the warm weather approaches!

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