How to bleach the knots on your closure or frontal: 5 easy steps

Bleaching the knots of your closures and frontals can be super easy but this process is highly recommended to be done by a professional in order to avoid over bleaching or damaging the lace.

However, if you still decide to do this by yourself, just keep in mind that the lace material on most closures/frontals is very thin and delicate and is susceptible to damage due to exposure to the products mentioned in this blog post. With that being, let’s get on to the steps involved in achieving great results.

How to bleach the knots on your closure or frontal: 5 easy steps

5 steps in bleaching the knots:

Recommended products: BW2 or QUICK BLUE and 30 to 40 developer. These products can be bought at any local beauty supply store.

1. Mix BW2 or QUICK BLUE powder with 30 or 40 volume developer into a mixing bowl until it becomes a very thick toothpaste like consistency.

2. Use a plastic disposable stick or brush applicator and gently spread on the back of the lace evenly. Note: do not press product into the lace.

3. Once covered completely with the product, flip the closure over onto a tin foil sheet to avoid bleeding of the product to the hair. Tin foil tends to help the product to work faster; hence, please keep an eye on the item being processed.   
4. Leave on for up to 20 min. Important: keep an eye on it to ensure the product isn't working faster than expected which may result in over bleaching of the knots and can cause balding or shedding.

5. After the process is complete or reach the desired results, you may wash with shampoo and conditioner. This will ensure that all trace of the products used is completely erased.

All done!

By following those 5 simple steps, you will be able to achieve bleached knots in no time. Also, feel free to check out our closures and frontals section for all your high-quality lace item needs.

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