How to care for your hair this winter 2022

How to care for your hair this winter 2022

The key to surviving this winter season is to keep your hair extensions from losing all its moisture. And if you are wondering how to do that, then we have all you need to know. We understand that the weather can sometimes be harsh and seriously unpredictable, but with the right tips and tricks, you can survive winter 2022 without a single split end on your bundles.
Winter Tips and Tricks:

1. Use oils or serums. During the harsh winter months, the cold weather often strips your bundles of all their natural moisture. So, the best way to restore this moisture is to use oil treatments such as Chi Silk Infusion. This product will have your bundles looking hydrated and restored in no time.

2. Deep condition once per week or bi-weekly. Your hair extensions are an investment. And a good way to protect this investment is by creating a weekly or bi-weekly routine that will help to keep your bundles full and healthy. The best way to do this is by deep conditioning your bundles which in turn restores moisture to your hair in no time.  

3. Avoid leaving the house with wet hair. This is a very important tip because it will help you to avoid hair breakage and split ends. Therefore, it is good to reduce the number of times you wash your bundles per week and always remember to air dry the bundles whenever it is possible.

Another great tip is to refrain from using too much heat on your bundles. Nonetheless, if this is unavoidable, please be sure to use a heat protectant product in order to protect the hair from excessive heat damage.

By following these few tips and tricks, you will surely survive winter 2022!

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