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Myth or Fact Number 2: Hair extensions are only used to add length.

by Brooklyn Hair 22 Mar 2021

Hair extensions are only used to add length

Cont'd Brooklyn Hair: Myths and Facts Hair Series

Definitely a myth. Hair extensions help to add length to your natural hair or overall create a very long style, however to only limit its contribution to only length is by far very false.

Here are a few other "things" hair extensions are used for:

To add volume. With bundles, you can always add tracks in between your natural hair to not only add extra length but also to add volume. The more tracks or bundles, the more full and voluminous your style will be.

To recreate any hairstyle. You can use hair extensions to design and recreate any hairstyle possible. This simply means that you can use hair extensions to make wigs, do sew-ins, or even leave out hairstyles. Now, what's even better with hair extensions is that you can recreate any style you see without having to damage your own natural hair.

To protect your natural hair. This might be the very best thing about hair extensions. With hair extensions, you can easily cover your natural hair and keep it protected from harsh weather, and daily manipulation.

The possibilities are endless.

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