Myth or Fact #3: Extensions can only be used once.

Extensions can only be used once.

This is a very much a big myth, especially in regard to Brooklyn hair bundles. Our bundles are definitely reusable. Invest  in our hair, you won't regret it.
How to care for your hair in order to reuse them:

Refrain from cutting the weft. The best advice that will save you from a lot of headaches is to NEVER cut the wefts of your bundles. This will help to prevent excessive shedding and will help you to create new hairstyles for future use.

Ensure that you treat your extensions well during wear. With proper care such as regular washes and deep treatments, your bundles can last you for a very long time. Daily styling tips  such as applying little to no grease, as well as heavy products can also help with the longevity of your bundles and in turn ensure that the hair can be reused.

Ensure that they are properly installed and removed. When getting your hair installed it is good to have it professionally done or if you do it on your own you should ensure that the right tools are used. This simply means that you should do your best to avoid using hair glue to attach your bundles to the weaving net. Also when removing the bundles be sure to not cut the wefts. Again, this is a great to ensure that you can reuse your bundles.

The truth is that the only thing that might need replacement over time is your closure or frontal. This is because all lace items are typically handmade and compose of a very delicate lace that does not last very long if it is manipulated too often. Therefore, you will also need to care for your lace as well as your bundles. You can do this by ensuring that you remove all excess glue after every wear. By following these few tips your bundles will surely last longer and can definitely be reused.

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