Brooklyn Hair: Myths and Facts Hair Series

Myths and Facts Hair Series

Welcome to the first of many blog posts where we begin to debunk the many myths about hair extensions floating around the internet and separate them from the facts. So if you are like many of us looking for the truth, then you are in the right place. Let's start the series off with a bang.

Myth or Fact Number 1: Hair extensions damage your natural hair.

Being concerned about the condition of your natural hair is something every one tends to worry about when it comes to wearing hair extensions, so what's the truth here?

The answer is NO. However, this will only be the case if certain factors and conditions are met:

The installation - When extensions are installed properly, whether it is a sew-in, a wig or a leave out, not only will your hairstyle look flawless but also will your natural hair underneath flourish. This is because many hairstyles that involve hair extensions are often used as a protective style for your natural hair to grow and to be protected from harsh elements or the weather.

The care during wear - When wearing extensions, a good rule of thumb is to always wash and grease your scalp before installation. This will prevent any damage to your natural hair and will reduce itching as well.

The removal - Just like the installation process, if the removal process of the hair extension is done incorrectly, your natural hair may get damaged. However, when done properly (utilize glue removal products, visit a professional hair salon, use deep conditioning treatments etc.) your natural hair will be unharmed and ready for your next style.

Stay tuned for our next blog posts in this series!

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