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Morning / Daytime Hair Care Tips

by Brooklyn H 09 Jul 2020

Morning Daytime Hair Care Tips

Want to keep your hair extensions looking as good as ever all day? Well thankfully, taking care of your hair extensions has never been easier. See down below for more info.
Tips and tricks to use in the mornings or throughout the day:

  • Be sure to gently brush your hair – When styling your hair extensions in the morning, you should be as gentle as possible when brushing or combing. For optimal results, we advise that you brush your hair extensions from the ends to the roots. This will help to prevent the hair from snagging, will keep tension away from the weft, and will in turn make the styling process even easier for you, morning after morning.

  • Use products to maintain moisture throughout the day – This tip is very important because if you leave your extensions prone to the wrath of the weather (during both wintertime or summertime), then your hair will in turn be susceptible to severe breakage. Therefore, throughout the day, if your hair gets a little dry or looks a little frizzy, you should proceed to use products that will help you to not only have shiny hair, but also moisturized and hydrated hair.

  • Limit the use of heat in the mornings – Let’s be honest, staying away from your hair curler or hair straightener is much easier said than done. However, these tools then to put your hair under so much stress and might cause breakage and heat damage, especially if the hair extension is curly. No one wants limp curls or flat hair. So, to prevent this you should limit the use of heat and go with alternative methods such as rollers and rods. However, when using heat is unavoidable in the morning, you should use a heat protectant spray, and you should also ensure that you use these heating tools on a warm setting for best results.

Another great tip is to ensure that you never leave the house with your hair extensions dripping wet.  So, whether you are in a rush or you just want to have the fresh out of the shower wet look, you should avoid going outside with soaking wet hair.

Follow these great tips and you will surely have your hair looking flawless day after day. 

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