What is the use of purple shampoo?

What is the use of purple shampoo?

There is nothing worse than having your blonde hair looking super yellow and brassy. In relation to blonde hair or bleached hair in general, brassiness refers to the undesirable warm yellowish tones that often makes your hair look dull. And this is where the magic of a purple shampoo comes in.

So, what exactly is a purple shampoo you may be wondering.  As the name suggests, purple shampoo is a purple colored cleanser that helps to counteract yellow tones, which in turns help your hair to look its best. So, if you are looking for the key to a more vibrant looking hair color, then purple shampoo is the product for you.
Purple shampoo 101

  • This shampoo will help to make your blonde hair much brighter by spreading purple pigments on to your hair extensions in order to help you get rid of the yellow tones.

  • Great for use on platinum blonde hair, pastel colored hair, or even silver hair.

  • When used in moderation, this product might be the one true key step in restoring your hair to its cool and effortless look.

  • This shampoo is also known to help protect against color fading and with proper use can help strengthen your hair extensions.

With so many great benefits of using a purple shampoo, your hair blonde hair extensions will rejoice with every use.

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