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How to properly maintain your curly/wavy bundles

by Brooklyn Hair 15 Apr 2020

How to properly maintain curly bundle

Whether you choose our Brazilian loose wave, Peruvian loose deep wave, Caribbean deep wave, or even our Bohemian jerry curl, the maintenance will pretty much be the same. Curly hair requires proper care in order to get the best results and longevity; therefore, we have listed a few essential tips down below on how to properly care for your curly hair bundles.

Vital tips on how to care for your curly bundles

  • Keeping your curly bundles moisturized is one of the utmost important tips that could ever be given. This should be done regularly with the use of a spray bottle mixed with water and a leave-in conditioner. By following this simple step, you will ensure that the hair is properly hydrated and moisturized.

  • Apply oil - Oils act as a natural way to condition your curly hair, but most importantly it will help to keep the moisture sealed into the hair, and help with the fight against frizz. It is common for curly hair to get a little frizzy, so if this has ever happened to your curly hair this is nothing for you to worry too much about; hence, the best way to avoid this is by using an oil of your choice (our recommendation is an argan oil or a serum).

  • For your curly hairstyles to last long, it is also very good to add a curling crème along with the oil to your curly hair routine. This will play an important role, since by using an oil you are simply ensuring that you seal in the products (a curl moisturizing crème or smoothie) that you put on your bundles. Therefore, if you find your curly hair to be a bit dry and brittle then it might be the right time to apply some moisturizer and oil to your bundles.

  • Another great tip is to wash your curly hair regularly. Start off by using a small amount of shampoo, then follow up with a conditioner and then let the hair air dry. Keep in mind, when washing your curly bundles, you should always scrunch the ends of your bundles, since this will help to encourage the hair to keep its true curl.

  • Also, if your bundles do not have a lot of product build up, then another good tip is to substitute your shampoo with just a conditioner. This co-washing technique should be done regularly, because this will help with keeping the hair moisturized and soft to the touch.

How to properly maintain curly bundle 

No matter what kind of curly hair you have, always keep in mind that it will require gentle care and a lot of maintenance, and by following the few simple tips given above your, hair will last even longer and look as good as possible.

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