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Most Common Bundle deals

by Brooklyn Hair 16 Apr 2020

A bundle deal will not only help you to get a good discount on your hair extensions so that you won’t have to compromise on hair quality, but will ultimately help you to know how many hair bundles you should get for a desired style.

Bundle deals also often suggest that more than one item is being sold together, and that these things will all have something in common. With this being said, it is good to note that usually a bundle deal is done by length, similar style or hair texture and so on.
Most common bundle deals:
There are many different hair bundle deals on the market, so down below we have listed the most common bundle deals:

  • 2 bundle deal – With this deal, you will be given two bundles. This deal will typically give you two bundles of similar lengths, and are often reserved for shorter lengths. For example, 10”, 10”; 12”, 12” or even 10”, 12” and so on.
  • 3 bundle deal – This is the most common of the deals, since it will provide you with 3 bundles. These bundles will normally be either of the same length or of alternate lengths.  For example, a three bundle deal could be of lengths 18”, 18”, 18” or 14”, 16”, 18” and so on.
  • 4 bundle deal – This deal is usually reserved for those who wish for their hair to be extremely full or for those who have purchased extremely long lengths. For example, lengths such as 24” and above usually requires at least 4 bundles, this is because the longer the bundles, the more hair you will need to complete your desired style.
  • Bundles and closure deals – These deals can either be made up of 2 bundles, 3 bundles, or even 4 bundles. The major difference now will be that you will also have a closure piece.
  • Bundles and frontal deals – Along with bundles, whether 2, 3, or 4 of them, with this deal you will be provided with a frontal piece as well. 

most common human hair bundle deal

It would be uncommon to have a bundle deal with curly hair and straight hair mixed matched together. It would also be quite strange to see a bundle deal with for example an 18” bundle and a 30” bundle. This observation is based on the fact that a bundle deal often serves the purpose of not only providing you with a discount, but to also help you to achieve a desired style with all the items included in the deal.

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