How to fake bleach knots (no bleach needed)

How to fake bleach knots (no bleach needed)

Still unsure about bleaching the knots on your closure or frontal, then you should probably try the fake knots bleaching method before you dive into the real thing. What this entails is using a make-up (concealer or an air brush spray) that matches your skin tone, and that will help in covering the black-toned knots so that the closure/frontal will look as if it is growing from your own scalp. This method can be done at home without the need for a hairstylist and will often last for a few wears.

Tips to on how to “fake bleach” your knots:

  • Firstly, ensure that the makeup used is the right shade for you. This simply means that you should select makeup that matches your skin tone very well.

  • Next place makeup (concealer) on to the back of your hands or squeeze a moderate amount on to the bristles of a makeup brush, then use the brush to cover the underside of the lace.

  • If using an air brush spray, then hold the spray about 6 inches away from the lace, then spray the product onto the lace.

  • Undoing this process is relatively easy, and all you will have to do is to shampoo and condition the hair in order to remove the makeup.

Though this method doesn’t completely erase the black knots on your closure or frontal, you can rest assured that since this process involves no form of harsh bleach chemicals your closure/frontal will last for much longer.
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