Questions and Answers About Bleaching Knots

Questions and Answers About Bleaching Knots

Still deciding on whether or not to have the knots on your closure or frontal bleached? Bleaching the knots on your lace closure or frontal aims at reducing the visibility of the dark knots found on the lace.

This will give the illusion that the hair is growing from your own scalp. So, if you are still unsure if this is right for you then down below are some questions and answers that maybe able to better help you in making your decision.

Does bleaching the knots cause shedding?
Bleaching the knots uses a mixture of bleach powder and peroxide, and therefore applying these chemicals will weaken the integrity of the lace. Though this is inevitable, in order to avoid excessive shedding, it is always good to refrain from constantly manipulating the lace. This will help you to keep your lace closure/frontal for a long period of time.

How long will the closure/frontal last after bleaching?
A closure or frontal will last for a few months before it will need to be replaced. However, keep in mind that you can increase the time span of a closure/frontal that has been bleached by treating the lace very delicately (minimize excessive brushing, refrain from applying too much heat to or near the lace, etc.).

How to make sure that the knots do not over-process?
You can this by regularly checking the lace to ensure that the product does not seep in and ruin the lace. Therefore, if you notice that the knots have been processing for too long then make sure to wash out the mixture with water, then follow up with a shampoo and a conditioner.

Why should I bleach the knots?
Bleaching the knots of your closure/frontal is not mandatory; however, if you choose to do so then this will allow your lace to look much more realistic. What this means is that the knots on the lace will be lightened, and will in turn have the hair strands appear to be growing out of your scalp. This is a very natural-looking technique that will have everyone guessing if it is your real hair.

Hopefully your questions have been answered and you will now be better able to confidently make your decision.

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