Perfect Winter hairstyles

Perfect Winter hairstyles

If there were a season when it was perfect for “bundling” up, the winter season is the ideal season for that. The chilly and windy days of winter call for as much layers as possible and that includes the perfect hairstyle that will help you to withstand the brutal cold months and the harsh weather that comes with it.
Brooklyn Hair’s Top hairstyle picks for the winter season:

  • Bang looks. With so many hairstyle options this winter, a bang is by far one of the most convenient one. To make this into an even more perfect look, it is best to construct a wig unit out of our bundles and a closure.  This will surely help to protect your natural hair underneath from the harsh weather and will also help to protect your face from the cold. Win Win!
  • Long straight or body wave styles. The best thing for winter is a long hairstyle that will help to keep you as warm as a hot cup of coffee.  Therefore, a good choice during this winter season is either a straight or body wave style. This will certainly help you to look good day after day in the cold winter months.
  • Loose wave styles. During the wintertime, the best hairstyles are ones that do not require a lot of maintenance and that’s why a nice loose curl would be highly recommended especially instead of a tight curl which might need a lot of hydration.

Hence a great tip for this winter season is to ensure that you never leave the house with your hair extensions wet nor damp.  This will help you to reduce the chance of your bundles becoming very dry and brittle. Therefore, it is always best to blow dry your hair and use a heat protectant product to help you to maintain heathy hair stands.

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