How to activate your Wet and Wavy hair?

How to activate your Wet and Wavy hair?

If there is any magical hair in the hair world, it would undoubtedly be Wet and Wavy hair. Their magic lies in the way they are able to go from straight to curly in a matter of minutes. So, whether you were caught in the rain, or simply got your hair wet in any way, if the hair was straightened then the moisture from any of those mishaps will surely still have your hair looking just as good. The curls will be quickly activated, and you’ll now have a whole new look.

Well, if this entices you, and makes you want to know how to achieve this magical look with your wet and wavy bundles/wigs then continue reading.  
What you will need:  

  • A spray bottle with water
  • Leave in-conditioner
  • Oil or serum
  • Brush or wide tooth comb
  • Clean wet and wavy bundles/wig
Tips on how to activate your wet and wavy bundles / wigs:
  1. Start off by using the brush or wide tooth comb to undo any tangles and knots that might be in the hair.

  2. Then in an empty spray bottle, mix both water and a moderate amount of leave in conditioner. Always ensure that more water is in the mixture, this will help with ensuring that there won’t be too much of a product buildup on the hair.

  3. Next you will want to begin by sectioning the hair into small parts, and then follow up by applying the mixture of water and leave in conditioner onto these sections. Ensure that each section is adequately saturated with the mixture, then begin to scrunch the hair from bottom up in order to encourage the curls to come in.

  4. Repeat this process until the entire hair is done. Follow up by brushing the hair, and applying oil and/or hair lotion in order to keep the hair moisturized.

  5. Lastly, let the hair air-dry, then style as desired.

wet and wavy hair wig and bundle 

After you’ve completed all the steps, your wet and wavy hair will now have some very popping curls. You will surely be confident when rocking this magical hair!
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