General tips on how to properly care for straight hair!

General tips on how to properly care for straight hair

The relatively low maintenance aspect of rocking straight Brazilian bundles is exactly why many women enjoy wearing them, and let’s be honest, having your straight hair extensions flow effortlessly in the wind is truly the icing on the cake. However, to keep this flowy look from going radiantly shiny to flat and dull, there will be a few things you have to keep in mind.
Tips on how to care for straight hair extensions
So how do you care for these silky straight Brazilian bundles? Well there are a few basics you may need to get familiar with, and luckily, we have listed them down below for you.  


  • Wash at least once every few weeks. – this simply means, if you wear your straight hair bundles regularly, then washing your bundles should surely be a part of your hair care routine. This will help you to avoid product buildup and will help the hair from going limp.

  • Brush and detangle your straight hair bundles. – this should be done prior to washing your bundles, and should be done with a wide tooth comb. This way you will be able to avoid excessive shedding.

  • Apply an oil to your bundles. – to keep your bundles from being dry and dull it is always a good idea to add an oil to your daily hair care regimen. This will allow the hair to feel silkier and softer than ever before, and will also help you with frizz as well as flyaway hair strands. You should especially do this after washing your bundles.

  • There is a lot you could do to make it easier for you when caring for your straight bundles; however, there are also a few things you should avoid in order for your straight bundles to last for a long time.

  • Avoid excessive manipulation. – if you are attempting to detangle your straight hair bundles, this should always be done gently. Start by detangling the hair from the bottom upwards, with the use of either a wide tooth comb or brush. This will help to prevent excessive shedding and further knotting.

  • Avoid excessive exposure to heat. – straight hair typically requires the usage of a flatiron/straightening iron. However, this should be done in moderation since excessive use of heating tools will permanent damage the hair and ruin its cuticles.
For many, straight hair is the most ideal since it really is an easy style to pull off, and requires minimum care. Therefore, by following the few tips given up above, you too will be able to keep your straight hair bundles for a long period of time. 
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