How many bundles do you need for a full head?

Figuring out how many bundles you will need to complete your desired hairstyle is a very important question that everyone asks. Actually, it is by far one of the most frequently asked questions by many customers. However, getting a direct answer isn’t as straight forward as it seems.

This is because the answer will vary from person to person, also there are a few key factors that will have to be taken in consideration in order for you to get a definite answer. So down below we have listed the main factors that will help you to figure out how many bundles you will need to do your full head.

How many bundles do you need for a full head
Factors that determine how much hair bundles you will need:

  • Length – In general most bundles will weigh approximately 3.5oz; therefore, if you buy a 10” bundle vs buying a 28”; most likely the 28” bundle will have less hair compared to the 10” bundle. Therefore, a short hairstyle (may need about 2-3 bundles) while a longer hair style (may need about 3 or more bundles).

  • Top piece (closure or frontal) – depending on the closing top piece that is used for your hairstyle, you might have to adjust the number of bundles you will use. For example, if you use a 4x4 closure vs a 13x4 frontal piece then chances are that with the closure you will require more hair since it doesn’t take up as much space as a frontal would.
  • Size of your head – this might not be the most important factor, but it is nonetheless one that should be taken into consideration. The average size of a woman’s head is approximately about 22.5”; therefore, if you take the time to measure your own head you will then be better able to determine if you will need more or less bundles when you are purchasing your hair.
  • The texture of the hair – if you have ever straightened your own natural hair, taking it from curly to silky straight then you would know, curly hair typically looks much fuller than straight hair. So, rule of thumb, if you plan on buying curly hair (such as a jerry curl) vs straight hair, depending on how full you want your hair, you might end up buying less curly hair bundles compared to straight hair bundles and vice versa.
By keeping these few factors in mind (the hair length, the size of your head, the texture of the hair, as well as if a closure or frontal will be used), we hope that next time you shop for bundles, you will know exactly how many you’ll need. Happy shopping!
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