How to shop for bundles online?

Whether you are looking to buy bundles for a sew-in, to make a wig or just for a ponytail, there will no doubt be a multitude of ways you will be able to shop for what’s ideal for you.

Here in this blog we have narrowed down a few categories in which hair bundles are sold online. There are quite a few factors that will determine how bundles are sold from site to site but here at Brooklyn hair we focus on only a few important categories.

As listed down below the main categories in which hair bundles are listed on Brooklyn Hair site is: by length, by texture, by price or by style. Other alternative categories include: by a particular look (hairstyle) or by the bundle deals offered at a particular time. 


  • Length – Whether online or in-store, hair bundles are often priced and sold ideally by their length, and with bundles ranging from anywhere between 8” – 40” you will be able to buy any length you desire. Therefore, if you are searching for bundles of a particular length then this category would be the most appropriate for you to browse. 
  • Style (Texture) – If you are looking for a straight style, a wavy style, a curly style or even a kinky straight style then this category would be the perfect place for you to start your search. 

  • Price – With this category you will be able to shop in comfort since you will be able to see all the options within your price range. So, if you are shopping on a budget then this would be a great category for you to explore. You’ll also be able to get really good bundle deals.

  • Grade – At Brooklyn Hair we currently have grades 7A, 9A and even 11A grade bundle hair. Whatever quality you are looking for, you can always browse “our bundle hair” category and find exactly what you need.
Alternative ways to shop for your 100% human hair quality bundles is by browsing our “look” category as well as our “bundle deal” category as well. With our “look” category, you can select styles ranging from a bob, a ponytail or whatever you have in mind. Lastly, with our bundle deals category you will be able to se all the deals we have to offer. So, go ahead, shop ‘til you drop!
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