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What are Butterfly locs?

by Brooklyn Hair 11 Dec 2020

What are Butterfly locs

Like most other faux locs styles, the butterfly faux locs have become a very popular hairstyle among many women. So, what exactly is a Butterfly locs and why is it so popular? Well, for starters the Butterfly locs style is a part of the faux locs variation and is often characterized by its extremely distressed qualities. This simply means that it won’t look as uniformed as traditional faux locs, but instead will look very rugged and realistic.

With that being said, see down below for how to do the butterfly locs hairstyle.

How easy is it to do Butterfly locs?
First thing to note is that Butterfly locs can easily be done at home. That is, it is the perfect DIY hairstyle. All you will need is the hair, a rat-tail comb and some gel or jam.  The hair includes your chosen form of crochet faux locs as well as the Freetress waterwave.

The technique for installing this style is very similar to that of traditional faux locs styles. The major difference is that Butterfly locs needs to be extremely distressed in order to achieve the right look. Therefore, when wrapping the water wave braiding hair, it is important to unravel it properly. This will surely have your hair looking as good as ever.

Also, Butterfly locs are often done into a short Bob-like style, but can be rocked very long as well. The truth is, no matter how you plan on rocking this hairstyle, you will be truly pleased with your look.

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