Advantages of Air drying your Bundles

Advantages of Air drying your Bundles

There is really no better advice to give when drying your bundles than to let them air dry. This will no doubt help you to keep your bundles looking super healthy and free from breakage as well as heat damage.

There are many more benefits to air drying, and we have listed many of them down below. So, stay tuned.
Advantages of air drying:

  • Less manipulation – whenever you allow your hair to air dry not only are you allowing the hair to get rid of the excess wetness but you are also allowing the hair to dry without any form of manipulation. This is particularly important for extremely curly hair. What air drying does for these kind of hair textures is that it allows the hair to combat frizz and maintain its true curl. This simply means that your hair will dry and will look as good as ever.

  • Less damage – the best thing about air drying is that there is no need for a heating tool such as a diffuser or even a blow dryer. This is certainly a great advantage since it will prevent the hair from being damaged by excessive heat. This will also help you to keep your bundles for a longer time as well.

  • Softer texture – air drying your bundles ensure that your hair maintains the softness and moisture it got from the washing process. Therefore, whenever you shampoo and condition or deep condition your hair, by allowing it to air dry you are ensuring that the moisture is locked into the hair. Notably, the best way to airdry your hair overnight is to comb your hair into a nice braid so that the hair will stay in place while you sleep. When you wake up, your hair will look as good as ever and feel even better.
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