How to prevent breakage while rocking braids?

How to prevent breakage while rocking braids

Braids are by far one of the best styles that can help you to reduce daily manipulation of your natural hair which will in turn help you to grow your hair. However, in order for your hair to grow while rocking braids, you will have to make sure that your natural hair is well taken care of underneath, regardless of the style done.

Let’s be honest, there would truly be nothing worst than taking out your braided style and then watch your hair fall out due to breakage and split ends. Therefore, we have listed a few tips that you should follow in order to prevent excessive damage to your natural hair.
Key tips and tricks on how to reduce breakage:

  1. Ensuring that your braids were not too tightly done - Doing your hair tight will cause tension to your scalp and even worse your “edges”. This will in turn cause your hair to break easily.

  2. Moisturizing and oiling your roots routinely - This will help to prevent your hair from being extremely dry and brittle.

  3. Making sure that your braids are not kept in too long - Leaving your braids in for too long will no doubt cause excessive breakage. Plus, your hair needs to breathe and be washed; therefore, you should ensure that you take out your braided style whenever you see the need to. 
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