Closures and frontals vs a Leave-out

Closures and frontals vs a Leave-out

When determining the best option for you, it is key to include all the factors such as cost or even the installation time, since all these factors will play a big role in determining what is truly the best for you.

With that being said, either option can be a great choice regardless of their benefits or drawbacks since it really will come down to your own personal hair needs and goals.

Therefore, down below we have listed a few key elements that could help you in determining what is the best option for you.

  Leave-Out Closure/Frontal
Installation time The installation time for a leave-out is fairly reasonable. This is due to the ease of simply blending only a small section of your natural hair in the front after sewing in your tracks in the back. Due to the complexity and precision needed to install a closure, or especially in the case of a frontal, this option tends to be the most time-consuming.
Cost The price for having a leave-out is by far relatively more inexpensive. Considering the individual cost of the lace closure or frontal, plus the extra installation fee, this option tends to be the most expensive.
Hairline By far, there is no other hair lining that could ever give you a more realistic look than your very own. If done properly, this option can be very realistic. This will be dependent on the hair installation process.
Damage If not done for an extensive period of time, minimal damage can be done. However, if excessive heat is applied over a long duration of time, then chances are you might experience heat damage and hair breakage. When carried out properly, this option as well can have very minimal damage done to your own hair. However, when glue and other adhesives are not taken out properly, your hair will be at risk of being ripped out.


When it comes to picking the best option for you, once more it will all come down to your individual hair needs.

Therefore, if you are looking for the most natural hairline, then the most realistic option will surely be to go with your very own natural hairline.

However, if you are looking for something that is relatively easy to install and maintain without having to leave your hair out, then a lace closure or frontal would still be a good option for you.

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