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Pros and cons of having your closure or frontal glued

by Brooklyn H 31 May 2020

Pros and cons of having your closure or frontal glued

A very important step in getting your hair to look as good as possible is to have your closure or frontal glued on.

This will of course come with a lot of advantages and disadvantages depending on your personal hair needs. Hence, down below we have listed a few pros and cons to help you make your decision of having your closure or frontal glued on. 

  • Realistic hairline. - One of the key advantages of having your closure or frontal glued on is that it will help you to get the most natural looking hairline. When properly glued on, a closure or frontal will basically melt onto your scalp, and will subsequently help you to get a very realistic hairline.

  • It will help to keep your hair secured. - Having adhesive will ensure that your lace piece will not move from the position it was styled in. This advantage will help you since you won’t have to worry too much about your style being messed up. You will also be able to do a multitude of hairstyles with no worries, such as half-up half-down ponytail styles among many others.

  • Can be worn for long periods of time. - When glue is applied to your lace piece you will be able to keep your hairstyle looking as good as possible, up to two weeks depending on the type of glue and the care given. This advantage will particularly play a helpful role in cases where you will be unable to have your hair styled on a regular basis, for example, whenever you go on vacation. 
  • Complex removal process - What is equally as important as having your closures and frontals glued on is the removal process. This can sometimes be very tedious, and will require a lot of precision and prior knowledge in order to prevent damage.

  • Can cause damage - If not taken off carefully, you will put your natural hairline at risk of being ripped out. Since this is very hard to correct, you should be extremely careful as to not let this happen. 

  • Cannot be removed at night - When you glue on your lace piece, chances are you won’t be able to remove it during the night. Therefore, you will have to keep your hair properly covered during sleep time in order to keep your hairstyle looking as flawless as ever.
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