What is a leave-out?

What is a leave-out?

Down below we have listed a few crucial ways on how to get your leave out to blend seamlessly with your hair extensions.

This is different from having a closure or frontal piece since a leave-out involves your real hair in the front being left out so that it can be blended in with the rest of your hair in the back that have been covered by tracks that have either been glued on or preferably sewn on.

Therefore, if you have ever gotten your hair done, and left any part of your natural hair out in order to blend with your hair extensions in the back, then this is what is called a leave-out.
Keys to having a successful leave-out:

  • Ensure you select the correct texture – this is by far one of the most important steps in having a good-looking leave out style. When leaving out your hair it will be good if you could find hair textures that best match with your own natural hair, this way your style will look as good as ever.

  • Choose the best way to blend – you can do this by selecting between a heating tool or using a heatless method. For example, if the hair texture is curly, you could either use a curling iron to blend your hair with the curly hair extension or use a heatless method such as doing a bantu knot or twist-out that could effortlessly match the texture of your choice as well.

  • Less is better – it is highly recommended to not leave out too much of your natural hair. Having too much hair out will make the blending process more difficult and could result in having more of your hair being damaged by heat or any other elements. Therefore, the less you leave out, the better it will be for you.

Though in recent times many people have opted for closures and frontals to get their desired look, not everyone is comfortable with this option.

And we totally understand! Therefore, when proper care is given to your hair, a leave out is still a relatively good choice if you are ever looking for a quick and easy way of doing your hair. 

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