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Brooklyn Hair Becoming Preferred Beauty Online Store For Virgin Hair Extensions

by Brooklyn Hair 08 Mar 2021

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Good news to all black women worldwide, Brooklyn Hair has announced an inventory of quality human hair with no artificial color or toxic processing. The brand has built a stellar reputation for its affordable and top-quality 100% human hair and is looking to introduce more black women to its brand.

Brooklyn Hair sources hair extensions of the highest quality and stocks them in their stores, from where they go out directly to its customers. The company does not work with middlemen in an attempt to keep its prices low and affordable for consumers. The company boasts a happy customer base, with 90% of its buyers raving positively about the quality and prices of their products.

Most hair suppliers charge their supplier fees for placing items on shelves. This increases the price. But we bring it directly from our factories whenever possible. We always do our best to get the best price” says Mike of Brooklyn Hair.

Like many successful brands, Brooklyn Hair has an interesting backstory. The company started off in China where its first two factories were set up and operated between 1999 and 2009. The company expanded and in 2014 opened a branch in New York to bring together authenticity with affordability in America’s hair industry. The company’s first local store sprung up in Brooklyn, NY in 2015, and in no time, there was a fourth one in Atlanta in 2017. The company has since been on top of the industry by maintaining its quality and fair pricing.

Brooklyn Hair has an inventory of various hair bundles, characterized by their silkiness and smoothness. They do not shed or tangle when under reasonable duress. This sort of quality is exactly how they have grown exponentially for many years in the most competitive market of the world. The hallmark of its stores is serenity, professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge of the products and consumer requirements. Every first weekend, the brand organizes a 50% OFF Big Sale. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage.


Brooklyn Hair is a company that designs and manufactures 100% real human hair extensions. All our products are made from specially handpicked top quality 100% real human hair. Unlike any other brands that are out on the market today, we provide the most natural, unprocessed, uncolored hair. 

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