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Brooklyn Hair Long Hair Looks

by Brooklyn Hair 03 Mar 2021

Brooklyn Hair Long Hair Looks

Woke up  feeling  like Rapunzel? Then  look no further, Brooklyn Hair has all you have been looking for.
Long - Usually lengths above 18" are considered to be long. Therefore, if you're ever tired of the short looks then a long look might be just what you have been looking for. A great combo of long lengths that many women always seem to prefer is an 18", 20", and a 22". This layered looked is sure to have you looking flawless.

Extra Long - Firstly, what might be considered long for some might be short for others. Hence, extra long is often known to be for those who are looking a little more length. And that's exactly where extra long hair comes into play, especially bundles over 30".
As mentioned before in our Short Hair Looks blog, the longer the hair then the more likely you will have to get more bundles. This simply means that usually anything above 22" will require a minimum of 3-4 bundles or even 5 bundles depending on your preference in fullness and volume. Keep in mind that usually the need for 5 bundles is recommended and applicable for bundles above 30".

Be sure to check out our curated list of both long and extra long bundle looks. From our main page click the "Shop Looks Tab" then from there select the long looks of your choice. Happy Shopping!

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