Everything you need to know about headband wigs

Everything you need to know about headband wigs

The design of a headband wig can be two things: a wig that already has the headband attached or a half wig that can easily be styled by tying a scarf or headband around your head. Now, this poses a very important question. Can a lace wig be turned into a headband wig? Yes ofc!
How to DIY your own headband wig using Brooklyn Hair Wigs:
Firstly, pick out the headband of your choice. The fact that any wig could easily become a headband wig, this also allows for you to make the choice of picking any headband design suitable for you.

Secondly ensure that the selected wig, whether it is a closure wig or a frontal unit, is tightly secured in the back. This can be done by adjusting the straps found in the back of your wig.

Thirdly, put your wig on your head, then tie or strap on your desired band or scarf. From there, your styling options are endless. You can either make baby hairs using hair from the wig or you could also use your own natural hair, or the final option is to just completely cover your entire hairline using the headband.

Lastly, style the back of your hairstyle as desired.

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