Virgin / Brazilian Straight Hair

Brazilian Straight Hair

Without a doubt, straight hair is by far the most sought-after hair on the market. This insane popularity is not only because of its luxurious feel and silky texture but also because of its low maintenance requirements and easy styling options.

Here at Brooklyn Hair, our straight hair has all its hair strands going in a unidirectional form; therefore, this type of hair will give you the most silky and free-flowing effect possible. This natural look with all its cuticles running in the same direction will also in turn help in preventing any tangling and matting issues.
Why choose Brooklyn Hair’s Straight Hair?
Providing customers with the best hair on the market is our goal. With that in mind, here at Brooklyn hair we are selective about our products, and we ensure at all stages that our customers are provided the finest hair extensions on the market.

With three very distinctive grades of straight hair, you will be able to choose whatever option best suits your personal hair needs.

Though this hair texture has no distinctive curl pattern, the good news is that this hair will take the intensity of the heat from your blow-dryer, flat iron or even curling iron without any hassle. Therefore, if you desire to change your style, this can be achieved effortlessly.

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