What to expect when shopping for human hair during the pandemic?

What to expect when shopping for human hair during the pandemic

Shopping for hair in this pandemic is totally different from how it used to be pre-pandemic. Not only were there more options but there was also a lot of difference in prices.  There are a few other things to expect when shopping during this ongoing pandemic, for reference, see down below.
Price surges - If you have shopped for hair recently, whether online or in store, you would surely have noticed a major price difference with the pre-pandemic prices and the prices currently for bundles, especially for closures and frontals as well. This result is not one that can be particularly blamed on anyone. The truth is that this might be a problem we will have to deal with until things go back to normalcy.

Varying quality. With so many factory shut downs, whether temporary closures or permanent closures, many retail stores are now forced to supply hair from different factories. This is a choice that many stores are forced to make.

Shortages. With border closures reported all around the world, shortages are inevitable. Therefore, when shopping for bundles, closures, frontals or wigs you will have to bear in mind that most items will be back stocked or completely unavailable at some retail stores or online.

Again, these factors are as result of the global pandemic, and hopefully things will get better soon for everyone. Stay safe!

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