What can you do about the Global lace shortage?

What can you do about the Global lace shortage

With the pandemic still ongoing, the mystery still remains. Will the hair world go back to normalcy anytime soon? Well, the truth is that no one has the answer. But there are a few things we could do to make things easier and more bearable until then. See down below.
Tips and tricks to follow:

Protect your lace. This simply means that whenever you get a new closure or frontal, you should always be super careful with the lace. This tip is not only valid during this shortage but at all times. In order for your frontals or closures to last long, you should always be cautious when styling or manipulating the lace. This is because the lace is made of a very delicate material that needs proper care in order to last very long.
Buy for future use. If you are a lover of closures and frontals or just someone who changes their hairstyle very regularly, then this is the best advice for you. Therefore, whenever you shop at your favorite retail store or online, be sure to buy for your current style as well as your next style as well.

Please note that these tips should not be misused. In such a situation, COVID 19 pandemic, we have to be very considerate of others; therefore, there we do not support surplus buying. Be thoughtful, and have a good shopping experience!

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