What is the best wig? Lace Part Wigs, Frontal Wigs, Full Lace Wigs

What is the best Wig?

A wig could either make or break your confidence, because just as there are plenty of different hairstyles floating around on the internet, there are also many different kinds of wigs to choose from. Lace part wigs, Frontal Wigs, Full lace wigs – your options are endless. With this many wig selections on the market, it's sometimes so hard to figure out what will best suit you; and to be honest, there's really no definite way to determine which type is the greatest fit for you. This is because it will all be dependent on your personal preference as well as your own individual hair needs.

T-Part Wig

But don’t you worry just yet!

Below we have put together some very resourceful information that will hopefully help you to distinguish the different types of wigs offered here at Brooklyn Hair.

Full Lace Wig

Lace Part Wigs vs Frontal Wigs vs Full Lace Wigs

Differences between: T-Part Wigs Frontal Wigs Full Lace Wigs
Beginner Friendly Best option for a first wig. Great choice for a regular wig wearer. Would be best for someone who has worn a wig before.
Perfect for beginners since it can be worn as an everyday wig. Limited work needed to be done compared to a full lace. Slightly more complicated than the others.
Installation Little to no installation needed. Minimal installation is needed. For best results, a professional stylist is often required.
  Often looks best when some form of adhesive is used. The use of adhesive is necessary to secure the wig onto your head.
  Most affordable Also relatively budget friendly Most expensive
Budget friendly since it is mainly made up of tracks Slightly higher priced than a T-part wig since it has more lace/parting space Hand-tied; hence, more time-consuming and costly to make than any other wig type
Price Range $60-$250 by Hair Length $120-$350 by Hair Length $150-$600 by Hair Length
Maintenance Very low maintenance Average maintenance needed High maintenance. (Proper care is required in order to not ruin the integrity of the lace)
  Note: Gentle care is needed when brushing or washing the frontal area of your wig. Needs to treated as your own hair
Versatility Least versatile Standard versatility Most versatile
Limited parting space (only a middle part can be achieved) Typically has 4”-6” of parting space Gives you the most freedom to accomplish many styles. (ponytails, half up/half down buns, cornrows, etc)


Which is better? Lace Part / Frontal / Full Lace Wig

Lace Wig

All wigs are ideal choices no matter how much or how little they have to offer. At the end of the day, the one that will be better will be the one that has more benefits to offer to you at the moment. Hence, when making your mind up on what wig is best for, the most important step should firstly be to figure out your personal hair needs. One way to figure to figure this out is to start off by asking yourself questions like: what am I looking for in a wig (whether it is versatility, quick installation or low maintenance etc.), how much do I want to spend on my wig, or how will I care for my wig?

Our Wigs

By figuring out what is important to you, you will be one step closer to finding your perfect wig, whether it’s a T-Part, Frontal Wig, or Full lace, your choices are numerous. We hope that the information presented in this blog will be of help to you in making your decision.

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