Most popular hair coloring techniques

Most popular hair coloring techniques

There are an endless amount of styles and techniques that blonde hair extensions can help you to achieve.

A few of these choices are highlight, ombre, sombre or even balayage.  With so many choices and variations in the hair world, the top choices among many people are a highlight and ombre style.

These are by far the trendiest and will surely have everyone gushing over your hairstyle. Therefore, continue reading for more info.

Highlights – This style is without a doubt one of the most popular, and the truth remains that many people often opt for this choice whenever they are not quite ready to dive into a full-blown blonde style.

The good news is that with this style you can have whatever shade of highlights you desire, whether it’s from the low or high end of the blonde spectrum, your choices are endless.

This is carefully achieved by simply coloring alternate strands of hair which will in turn creates a highly desirable effect. When done correctly, this style will allow both the natural color of your hair extensions as well as the blonde streaks to lay effortlessly side by side.
Ombre – This technique blends two colors together from dark to light. What this simply means is that whenever you get an ombre style your stylist will help your hair seamlessly transition from a dark root to a light-colored end.

The roots can either be black, brown or any color of your choice, while the ends will often be a much lighter color such as a shade of blonde, a pastel color or any other color you desire.  

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