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What is the best hair for Boho Locs?

by Brooklyn Hair 18 Dec 2020

What is the best hair for Boho Locs?

Just like most other faux locs styles, Boho locs require two kinds of hair textures. Therefore, in order to get the desired style, which is often a free-flowing look, the best hair to use is a Marley textured braiding hair and a soft textured hair such as a bohemian braiding hair.
Best hair for Boho Locs:

Textured hair – the best textured hair for this style is any kind of kinky bulk hair. The top pick for the Boho style is the Marley braid bulk hair. This is the hair that will be used to wrap; therefore, its texture must be kinky enough to stay in place for a long time.

Soft textured hair – as the name suggests, the best type of soft textured hair to use for Boho locs is the Freetress Bohemian braiding hair. Notably, this hair can be used for many crochet styles, but it does even better as a perfect fit for the Boho locs. Another great option is to use the Freetress waterwave braiding hair as well or the deep twist (if you do not want too much of a curly look).

No matter the hair chosen, an important thing to note about Boho locs is that they will make you look very unique and effortlessly chic.

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