What are Boho locs?

What are Boho locs

Boho locs, short for Bohemian, are a distressed form of faux locs. A faux locs in this case simply represents an imitation of real dreadlocks. Therefore, a Boho locs hairstyle will look more realistic than traditional faux locs styles since it has a very distressed appeal.  

Another distinctive trait about this style is that it will often have:

  • Varying lengths and sizes. In order to get the Boho effect, this locs style often have alternate strands of different lengths, some might be short, medium or long.

    Also, these locs might also have varying sizes, ranging from small, medium and large. These kinds of variations, whether in length or size, will certainly help to give you the most Bohemian looking locs.  

  • Curly or wavy ends. Sometimes Boho locs have curly strands of hair hanging from individual locs, or even hanging in between strands of locs. This again will help to give a very Boho effect.

So, why are Boho Locs so popular?

  • They are lightweight and versatile. One of the most unique things about Boho locs is how effortless this style is, and also how easily you can transform your look.
  • Long lasting. A style like the Boho locs can lasts up to long 3 months with proper care.
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