What are Box Braids?

What are Box Braids

Box Braids are among the world's most popular braiding style. The reason for this popularity is simply because box braids are a very classic hairstyle that helps to protect your natural hair.

So what exactly are box braids. Well, a box braid is widely-known to be a three-strand plait that is separated into square-shaped sections. This shape resembles that of a square or box, and hence led to the widely recognized name of this style.

What makes box braids so popular?

  • Box braids adds both length and fullness to your natural hair or even to your hair extensions.
  • You can style box braids in many different ways, whether into a casual style or dressed-up style.
  • They can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 weeks with proper care.
  • Box braids are a great protective style. This is because when braided, your hair will be safely tucked away.
  • Box braids can be done in any size you desire without compromising the look of the style. The sizes ranges from small, medium or large box braid styles.

Fun fact: Although box braids have been around for many years, the popular series called Poetic Justice in 1993 sprung the style into the spotlight for many women around the world. Now everyone confidently rocks box braids in their own unique and special way.  

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