Difference between knotless braids and classic box braids

Difference between knotless braids and classic box braids

Box braids are one of the most stylish braiding styles available, and with so many variations to choose from, your options are endless.

Currently, the two most popular style of box braids are knotless braids and the traditional/classic box braids.

To help you figure out what option is the best for you, we have listed down below a few differences between the two.


  Knotless box braids Classic box braids
Natural Look No visible bulge. With this style, a small knot is used to flawlessly secure the braid to your natural hair. This style typically has a bulge at the root of your hair. If done incorrectly, this makes the braids look very unnatural and awkward.
Pain level The lack of a knot in this style makes this style a very pain free one. This form of box braids often causes a lot of pain. This is because of the friction and tension placed on the root of your hair.
Installation Time Tends to take a little longer to complete this style vs. traditional box braid styles. The installation time for this style is typically between 4-6 hours. This will largely depend on the size of the braids you desire.


With these very subtle differences, the truth is that either form of box braid style is a good option.

Therefore, personal preference will ultimately help you to make the best decision.  

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