Recommended pre-stretched Braiding hair for box braids

Recommended pre-stretched Braiding hair for box braids

Pre-stretched braiding hair helps with reducing tangled and knotted ends. This variation of braiding hair also makes the braiding process much smoother for your stylist and a lot faster than when you use regular braiding hair.

With these excellent qualities, pre-stretched braiding hair will ensure that once you remove the hair from the package you can go right ahead and start braiding your hair.

This ready to use feature has made pre-stretched/pre-feathered braiding hair very popular among many hair stylists around the world.

Highly recommended pre-stretched braiding hair:

  • reetress 3X Braid 301 Natural texture by Shake and Go
  • Freetress 3X Clean therapy pre-rinsed and cleansed in vinegar rinse.

Notably: 3x signifies that the braiding hair pack has a lot more hair than usual. This will ensure that you have more hair to utilize and that you will have a full finish.

Similar brands include Outre pre-stretched braid 3X Babe 54” as well as Bobbi Boss Pre-feathered Just Braid 54”.

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