Trending hairstyles for the summer

Trending hairstyles for the summer

It’s official, summer is here. With temperatures soaring about 80 degrees these days, there is no better time to be outside lounging at the poolside or even sunbathing at the beach.

And what better way to get ready for the summer than to get a new hairstyle to ring in the season of sun and fun.

Here is a run-down of all the hairstyles that are hot this summer:

Half braided half weave – There is no doubt that when it’s summertime that also means time for some braids. This summer, braided styles now come with a little twist. So instead of doing braids all the way through, this summer most women are opting to do half braids in the front and half weave in the back. With this hairstyle, you get the best of both worlds for sure. This style is mostly done with curly human hair and depending on how curly you want it, our Brazilian loose wave, Peruvian loose deep wave or our Caribbean wave would be the perfect choice.

Natural leave out – This hairdo truly has no season; however, there is really no better time than now to rock a leave out. With a leave-out you can opt for whichever hairstyle you desire. You can choose from Remy straight, unprocessed body wave, loose wave or even our kinky straight bundles. Our curly textures are also actually perfect for this summer as it is really good for times when you need to go into the pool or the beach.

Shoulder length layered style – Another major trending style this summer is a layered look which can easily be done using our Remy straight bundles or our Unprocessed body wave. To achieve the desired result, you will have to buy the bundles in different lengths, for example 16, 18, 20” instead of getting all the bundles the same length. This way you will have a sleek layered look. Another option would be to buy the bundles and have a professional hairstyle cut the hair into perfect layers. This option will give you the best result.
By trying any of these styles this summer, you will surely be on trend. As the summer progresses, we will feature many more styles that can easily be done using any of our hair textures. Stay tuned.

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