Tips on how to maintain colored wigs

Tips on how to maintain colored wigs

The beauty of colored wigs is that they are great at making you look divine and radiant no matter the color or style. But in order to keep your colored wigs looking that way, you will have to keep a few things in mind as you do not want your colored wig to become brittle nor for the color to start fading.
Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind:

Keep the hair moisturized. This tip is really the key to keeping your colored wig from looking dull and frizzy. When the hair was colored, the process in turn striped the hair of some of its natural moisture just as it would with your own natural hair. Therefore, the hair becomes more prone to breakage as well as dryness. And so, it is key that you restore this moisture to the hair. To do so, it is advised to use lightweight oils such as argan oil or serums such as the CHI hair serum.

Maintain a sleep routine. If the wig is glued onto your head, then it is key to have a sleep routine. This should include tying down your wig with a silk scarf in order to prevent the hair from getting frizzy while you sleep. Also, if the hair is curly or wavy, it is best to braid the hair before tidying it down in order to protect the curls from getting tangled.

Use sulfate-free products.
The coloring process strips the hair and so by using products that are good at color protecting you will in turn be keeping your colored wigs from fading or losing their natural glow. Therefore, it is best to use shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate free. Instead, you should opt for products that are made for colored hair, and this will help in preserving the color of your wig for as long as possible.

Deep condition your wig routinely.
This tip is the key to keeping your colored wigs looking good wear after wear. Deep conditioning helps to restore some of the much needed moisture to your colored wig. If you wear your colored wig continuously then deep conditioning should become part of your regular wash routine and this will help you to keep your wig for a long period of time.
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