What is a suitable colored wig for a beginner?

What is a suitable colored wig for a beginner?

If you are new to the wig game, but you are still looking to stand out then a colored wig would be an ideal choice for you.

As a beginner, navigating the wig world can be overwhelming sometimes, especially with so many colors, lengths, styles, densities and so on to choose from. Many wigs are often left in their natural color, but there are also great vibrant options such as red, orange, pink and there are also colors such as light brown, honey blonde and so on.

Here are a few tips for choosing a beginner colored wig:

Start off with a very subtle look then work your way up to brighter colors. For instance, if this will be your very first wig, then a cool tone colored wig would be best. Colors such as dark or light brown would be ideal for a first-time wig. The perfect Brooklyn Hair wig would then be our Espresso unit which is a perfect blend of brown.

When deciding on a colored wig, always consider the occasion and the suitable colors that might work best for you. Bright colors such as copper or burgundy, might not be suitable for a regular day to day style as these vibrant colors might limit your outfit chooses and might not be able to be worn to work depending on your job. Instead, you could go for colors such as a highlighted wig. The perfect Brooklyn hair wig for this is our Golden honey unit and our Sunkissed colored wigs.

Choose colors and textures that are easy to maintain. For instance, as a starter wig, a loose body wave would be ideal as you don’t have to worry too much about constantly straightening or curling the wig. Picking easy styles in a colored wig will also ensure that you have a good experience; however, whatever is your preference then that’s the unit you should opt for.

The options when it comes to selecting a wig are truly endless, especially when it comes to colors, but no matter the color chosen; you are sure to stand out with any of our colored wigs.

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