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Trending Hairstyle: Swoop with ponytail

by Tajenae McCartney 06 Jun 2023
Trending Hairstyle: Swoop with ponytail

With so many styles to choose from this upcoming summer, the one to keep an eye out for is definitely the swoop with a high or low ponytail.

This style is currently trending as it is very low maintenance and because it can be a very glamorous look especially for occasions such as a wedding, a birthday dinner, prom, or even for graduation. It also does not require as much hair extensions as a normal sew-in or custom wig would, and it also takes less time to get done than the other traditional styles, so this means that you could be in and out of the salon in no time.

Here is all that you will need for a swoop with a ponytail look:

A lace frontal
– A style like this will need a lace frontal to complete the look as this will ensure that you have a very natural look in the front. The best type of frontal to use is definitely a Swiss HD frontal which will blend with most skin tone and allow you to have a very flawless finished look. In order to achieve the best results, it is best to have a professional hairstylist to do the installation as this style requires the use of adhesive.

Bundles or hair extensions
– For this style to really work, you will have to get bundles to use for the ponytail in the back. The biggest decision to make is definitely what length you would want and how many bundles you will need. On average, you will need about two to three bundles depending on how full you would want your ponytail to look.

The amount also depends on how long you want the bundles because as with most bundles, the longer the hair is, the less hair that is usually in the package. Hair gel – This is needed in order to achieve a very slick ponytail. The brand of hair gel will really depend on what product works best with your hair type. Most customers tend to opt for hair jam or just a regular hair gel from your local beauty supply.

Hair tools and accessories
– Depending on the style you wish to achieve; you might need a curling iron or a flat iron in order to get a very neat and polished finished look. A curling wand is also a very good tool to use if you wish to have any form of loose wave or curly look. As for accessories, you will definitely need scrunchies, elastic bands, combs and a brush as well.

For this style we highly recommend our Remy straight, unprocessed body wave and our Brazilian loose wave as these textures will surely help you to achieve the perfect look for this style. And with all of the other items listed above, you would be all set to have one of the trendiest styles for this upcoming summer.

Happy shopping!
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