Something big is coming to Brooklyn Hair: Colored Wigs

Something big is coming to Brooklyn Hair: Colored Wigs

We are so happy to announce that we have a new collection of wigs coming. You read that right! We are so thrilled to announce that starting next month you will have a wider range of wigs to choose from. Brooklyn Hair is finally introducing colored units to our Signature wig collection. We simply can’t keep our excitement in and so we will be offering our *current buy one get one free on these wigs as well.

No matter the season, a colored unit could really help to boost your mood or simply your overall look. With colors ranging from honey blonde with highlights, silver, honey brown, copper, espresso brown and so on. We have so many colors to choose from, you know you will love something.

Things to know about our new colored units:

Pre-colored – With our new colored units, there are no additional touchups needed. All our colored wigs will come already colored so there be no need for you to take it to the salon. You can easily take the wig out the package, style it and rock it.

Can be straightened and curled – All our signature wigs can be styled and combed in the desired way you require as all our units are made of high quality 100% human hair. This ensures that all our signature wigs and colored units can be straightened and curled very easily.

Long lasting – You won’t have to worry about the color transferring or fading out easily. All our colored wigs will keep up with regular washing and styling all while providing you with longevity.
Stay tuned for the drop.

Available starting next month. Try our colored wigs as soon as they come in stock.

*BOGO sale is available only for a limited time.
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