Things to keep in mind before you dye your bundles on your own

Things to keep in mind before you dye your bundles on your own

Whether you want to change up your style or just get a whole new look from your extensions, by changing your hair’s color you could easily achieve this. Changing the color of your hair extension is a really great way to show your personality as well as to simply get the desired style you had in mind.

However, before you go ahead and go through with the process, we have listed a few tips and tricks to keep in mind before you begin to dye your bundles.
Tips and Tricks 

  • Purchase quality hair – Ensure that you are buying good quality 100% human hair. This is a key tip, not only because it can save you time and effort during the coloring process, but it will also heavily reflect on the results you will be able to achieve. The truth is, if you purchase hair that isn’t good quality, or hair that cannot be dyed, then chances are you will not get your desired color. Thankfully, Brooklyn Hair is a hair company that only sells 100% human hair; therefore, you won’t have to worry about this if you buy hair from our website.

  • Thoroughly read the product instructions – ensure that you follow the directions given. Chances are, if you doing this hair dying process by yourself then you will surely have to figure out first what you are doing, and how you will be doing it. One way of successfully going about this is to read the instruction given on the products you will need to be using, for example, ensure your read all the information provided on the box of the dye used. This will also help you with accurately measuring and estimating what you will use, so that you can get the best possible outcome.

  • Consider the cost of the products needed - Before starting the hair coloring process, it would be good if you get all the products needed so that the task will progress smoothly. With that said, please be mindful that hair coloring often requires a lot of products, and this might in turn be a very costly endeavor.

  • Ensure that you are fully prepared – seek consultation if needed. To be fully organized and ready to take on the hair coloring task by yourself, you can ensure this by preparing all the right products needed beforehand. Keep in mind: Not only will you have to buy the hair color; you will also need to ensure you have the proper products to care for the hair after it has been colored. Products such as shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair as well as a hair oils and serums that will keep the hair from getting brittle.

With those tips and tricks in mind, you will surely be ready to go ahead and start your hair dying process.

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