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How to dye your bundles on your own

by Brooklyn Hair 24 May 2020

How to dye your bundles on your own

When you find a hair color you really like, the advantage of buying bundles is that you can change the color of the hair extension instead of dying your own hair. This way your hair will be protected, and you will still be able to get your desired look.

Nonetheless, please kind in mind that in order to carry out the process smoothly you will need to set aside adequate time as well as prepare the products for the task ahead.
Essential hair dying items needed:

  • Mixing bowl and brush
  • Hair dye
  • Comb
  • Gloves
  • Shampoo and Conditioner

Basic steps on dying your own bundles
Down below are a list of general steps you can follow when planning on coloring your 100% human hair bundles:

  1. Prep – Ensure you wear gloves in order to protect your hands from the harsh chemicals. Also, check that the hair is free from any knots and tangles before moving on to the next step.

  2. Mix – By following the instructions on the product used, for example a “box dye” such as Dark and Lovely or Revlon, mix all ingredients in to the mixing bowl using a mixing brush. Ensure that everything is thoroughly and equally mixed out before moving on.

  3. Color – Part the hair into small sections, then coat the hair with the solution from step 2. This should be done from the roots of the hair, to the ends of the hair. Ensure that you thoroughly brush through each section in order to evenly spread the hair color onto each strand. Then repeat this step until all of the hair is covered in hair dye.

  4. Rinse – After leaving the hair dye on for as long as it was instructed on the product, rinse completely. This should be done by using a generous amount of shampoo to remove the residue.

  5. Apply Conditioner – Last but definitely not least, proceed to deep condition the hair. This will help to restore moisture to the hair, and have your hair looking as good as possible once the process is completed. Rinse thoroughly, then let the hair air dry if possible.

Congrats you’re all set now, and ready to rock your new hair color.
Disclaimer: these basic instructions can be followed through successfully only when attempting to color hair extensions that are 100% virgin human hair. Also, keep in mind that when dying hair extensions by yourself, trying to achieve colors such as blondes, pastel colors, gray tones etc. you should first seek the advice of a professional in order to get the best possible outcome. This will prevent you from ruining your bundles and having to buy new sets of bundles.  

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