What are twists?

What are twists

Among the many braided styles available, twists are one of the most well-known and versatile option.

So, what is a twist exactly?

A twist is a braiding style that uses two sections of hair to wrap around each other to create a roped effect.

This simply means that the hair is twisted over and over in a downwards motion until you get to the very ends of the hair.

This twisted effect gives off a very elegant look and can be done in a number of ways. Ranging from short, medium or long in length to small, medium or large in size, your options with twisted braids are endless.

This style is relatively very easy to both install as well as to maintain and can also be dressed up or down into whatever suits your style.

What makes twist braids so popular?

Versatility – What a twisted style provides is an alternative to regular braiding styles such as box braids and cornrows.

Therefore, its all-rounded qualities will surely help you to stand out and be able to change up your look with ease.

Low maintenance – The best thing about twists is how easy they are to maintain. Hence, you won’t have to worry too much about the upkeep of this style because it will blend effortlessly in with your hair even after extensive wear.

Easy installation  – With just two strands used, this style is relatively easy to pull off and will have you in and out of the salon in no time.

Just like many of the other braided styles, the best thing about twists is that they help to keep your natural hair protected from constant manipulation.

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