Tape-Ins vs. Clip-ins

Tape-Ins vs. Clip-ins

There are many ways to add length and volume to your hair without the hassle of sew-ins and without purchasing a wig.

You can now have the freedom of versatile styles while wearing extensions using tape-ins and clip-ins, which are both sold at Brooklyn hair.

Here are a few differences between the two that may help you decide which item is best for you:


  • Allows you to decide when you want to install it and when you want to remove it
  • If your hair is fine or thin it may be heavy for your hair to handle
  • Can be removed everyday
  • Can be installed and removed without the assistance of a professional
  • Oily or dry hair will not affect the longevity of clip-ins
  • Clip-ins can be applied in a quick and timely manner


  • Can be left in your hair from 6-12 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows out
  • Tape in extensions is fine hair friendly
  • Lays flatter and more seamless
  • If you have oily hair, it will affect the longevity of the tape-in
  • It is best if your extensions are installed and removed from a professional
  • Application process takes longer than applying clip-ins

These are a few differences between clip-ins and tape-in hair extensions to help you decide which option would be best for you!

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