How many bundles / hair should I buy?

How many bundles / hair should I buy?

Before you buy hair extensions, you may ask how many bundles of hair do I need for a full head sew in, and this is often one of the most important questions.

So here is all you need to know:

When deciding how many bundles to use, it all depends on what style you are going to do. It is often good to also keep in mind if you will be using a lace closure or a lace frontal for your desired look. Based on your desired fullness, on average 3 bundles should do, but you may use two to five bundles depending on fullness and length and also, whether it’s a full sew-in or if you’re making a wig unit. But when in doubt, it is often best to get 3 or more bundles, if it is within your budget.

Bundles typically weigh in at about 100gram/3.5oz per bundle. In practical terms, the shorter the hair is, the longer the weft will be. And the longer the hair is, the shorter the weft will be.

To be more exact, they weigh the same but the weft length will vary based on the length of hair. Therefore, we suggest to get two or three bundles if the style is short and three or more bundles if the hairstyle is long.

We hope that information will make your shopping experience much easier.

Happy shopping!

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