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How to install a closure/frontal for beginners

by Brooklyn H 29 May 2020

How to install a closure/frontal for beginners

For starters, closures are lace pieces that are lined with hair strands that help you to pull off a realistic hairline without the need of ever having to leave any of your natural hair out.

On the other hand, frontals are lace pieces that cover the entire front portion of your hairline. To get a better understanding of the two it is important to note that the main difference between both lies in their size. The most common measurement for a closure is roughly about 4”x4” or 6”x6”, while the most common measurement for a frontal is approximately about 13” by 4”. Nonetheless, whether you choose a closure or a frontal, your hair will look as natural as can be.

Closures and frontals cover a section of your head, and are often only placed in the front section. This subsequently makes them relatively easy to install, and so down below we have listed a few basis steps on how you could do this.
Basic steps on how to install a closure/frontal:

  1. Prep – firstly ensure that your hair is properly braided, and that it lays as flat as possible. Next, mark where the frontal or closure will be laid. Again, a closure will only take up a small section, while a frontal will take up the entire hairline. Therefore, sew on your bundles accordingly, while being conscious of the amount of space left for the closure or frontal to be sewn on after.

  2. Placement – Chances are, you will have already attached your bundles to the rest of your head. Hence, what you will need to do now is to line the closure/frontal up with your hairline in order to see if it will fit properly into to the space you had measured out earlier. After you are finished with this aspect, you can now move on to the following step.

    Tip: Prepare your needle and thread for the next step.

  3. Sew – After figuring out the correct placement, what you will want to do is to sew the closure tightly and neatly on your braids. This will prevent the closure from moving out of place over time. Ensure that you sew the closure flat along the braids, again this will help you to have a seamless finish.

  4. Style as desired – After finishing up with the sewing aspect in step 3, be sure to carefully cut the excess lace, and style the hair as desired.
Now you’re all set!
After installation you may also choose to have your closure or frontal glued on. If you would like to know more about this, feel free to browse our previous blog posts.
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